white vintage telephone and pink wedding sign for guestbook

Telephone Audio Guestbook for Your Wedding

After popular request, we have the addition of an out-of-the-box way to have a really interesting guestbook!

“Congrats, Mr. & Mrs.!”

The boring, commonly-found message in a wedding guestbook, where guests are too distracted with friends or fun dance songs to write a long meaningful message, or maybe too drunk they can’t write pretty. Why not offer up an opportunity for your friends and family to record their message as audio for you to treasure? Unlike real guestbooks with pages that get forgotten, audio recordings are a different animal! 

Why wouldn’t you want to remember granny’s well wishes in her crackly voice, or maybe hilarious stuff from friends having a good time? Our attractive, vintage Telephone Audio Guestbook will definitely intrigue guests as they arrive before the ceremony or hang out for the cocktail hour. When a guest picks up the phone, they’ll hear YOUR voice recording requesting them to leave a message!

When they’re leaving their message for you, it will be like talking to an old friend. At the end of the night, you’ll get a USB drive with the audio recordings. You can save the files for safe keeping and listen to these recordings for the rest of your life. 

We love to focus on creating kick-butt experiences for our couples, so we are only offering our Telephone Audio Guestbook ONLY to clients that book Champagne Toast Dj’s. If you’re interested in adding this on to your DJ package, let us know!

Check out this audio sample below!