Photo Booth Rentals for Massachusetts and Connecticut

Not sure where to start with types of photo booths to check out for your wedding or party? Here is an overview of what's out there!

Is a Photo booth the right addition to your wedding or party experience?

We know sometimes planning a wedding can seem like you’ve entered a vortex of details! That’s why we at Champagne Toast Entertainment offers the best solutions for party entertainment. You can add on one of our photo booth rentals to your DJ and lighting package so that’s one quick thing to check off your list! 

How do you know if you need to rent a photo booth for your reception? Well, having some extra fun doesn’t hurt, right?! Once people get a few drinks, they will want to let out the crazy side to their personalities with a photo booth! 

Plus, if you know you may have some guests who don’t necessarily like dancing, having a photo booth rental at your wedding will let them have an opportunity to have a little fun! Photo booths are a great way to capture even more candid, crazy memories!

You can also have a photo booth rental as your “party favors”. After all, wouldn’t a HILARIOUS photo booth print or gif texted be a lot more memorable than a piece of candy?!

Types of Photo Booths to Rent many choices!

If you learn about all the different photo booths in this universe, you’ll find that some offer prints, some don’t, and some do BOTH prints and digital. 

How do you pick which photo booth? 

First, you can consider the layout and how much space is available at your event for a photo booth. Our Mirror Booth and iPad Photo Booth have a smaller footprint. The Classic Photo Booth is great and also is awesome in most venues!

If you want to offer a really unique and rare experience for your guests, or if you have a large, expansive area for your party, you can get a one of our video booths! 

Classic, Traditional Photo Booth Rental

Looking for a simple, high quality photo booth? The Classic Booth is a large photo booth station complete with a backdrop, where you can create selfies & group photos.

Just like the Mirror Booth & iPad Booth, you can personalize your event with custom graphics for your gifs, instant print-outs, or online album.

classic print out photo booth setup in barn wedding reception

Mirror Photo Booth Rental

The Mirror Booth is a tall, colorfully lit mirror where guests can take selfies by touching the mirror!

Just like the Classic Booth & iPad Booth, you can personalize your event with custom graphics for your gifs, instant print-outs, or online album.

Get Gifs! iPad Photo Booth Rental

Meet the elegant & modern-looking photo booth where guests interact with the iPad to take their photo, and digitally send to email, social media, or download. No matter the size of your wedding, the iPad Booth is well-loved because it has a smaller footprint, but with big results! Guests will love the photo choices they can do.

Just like the Classic Booth & Mirror Booth, you can personalize your event with custom graphics for your gifs, or online album.

Video Photo Booths...Capture the Craziness!

Champagne Toast Photo Booths have the 360 Infinity Glass Platform LED Video Booth, the Fly-Over 360 Video Experience. 

Our 360 Glass Platform LED Video Booth Experience is a 100 cm (40-inch) clear Lexan base that can fit up to to 4 people back to back on a solid platform. A motorized swing arm with a selfie mounted camera and light rotates around the platform capturing a 15 second video. Our software will then add special effects to customize your video giving you the Red Carpet Style video experience. Our 360 Glass Platform LED Video Booth Experience is great for small to large parties, weddings, trade shows, corporate events. Use your party imagination.

The Flyover 360 is the newest addition to the Champagne Toast Photo Booths experience. This is the hottest and latest Red Carpet Trend. As with the regular 360 Platform Photo Booths, you can only put as many people in the video that you can hold on the platform. Our Fly-Over 360 is designed to fit a group of people with the video camera recording from above. This is the same as you taking a selfie. Great for bigger groups such as Corporate Events, Class Reunions or anytime you would like to capture many people, family, friends or co-workers in a full effect video recording. Each video is 15 seconds long and can be texted or email to anyone in the video. Your guest will be talking and sharing this video experience for a long time after the event!