How much does a wedding DJ cost in Boston?

Between $1100 to $3500 is the range of investment in DJ services for a wedding in Boston, MA. Many factors can affect the pricing.

Pricing Structure for Wedding DJs

When you’re searching for a DJ for your wedding, it’s always wise to consider your budget. Your DJ package can vary depending on the following factors: 

  • location/travel
  • if the DJ is also an MC, or there’s an additional team member who’s an MC
  • number of hours
  • duration of ceremony
  • location of ceremony
  • cocktail hour duration
  • reception start and end time
  • uplighting & lighting extras ($500-600)
  • photo booth services
  • additional entertainment services available

A DJ company serving the Boston area typically ranges between $1100 to $4,000, with the average being around $2,000, according to The Wedding Report based on 2023 numbers. 

Other factors influencing wedding DJ pricing

Other than the amount of time needed and any additional services a DJ company might provide, here are some other factors that affect the prices of various wedding DJs:

  • how “seasoned” or experienced DJ’s are – how many years have they been around?
  • popularity & demand for their quality service
  • availability of a team/group, and “backup” DJs vs. a solo DJ
  • equipment quality – whether it’s professional, new, modern
  • equipment availability & quantity – availability of additional speakers, different microphones, and any additional equipment needed to amplify sound 
  • wedding date – some DJs offer an off season discount, or if the date falls on a holiday, the price might be a little higher for some DJs.
group of wedding guests dancing and throwing groom up in the air by wedding DJ by Champagne Toast at Zukas Hilltop Venue

Curious about Champagne Toast DJs?

When you are interested in getting a quote from various DJs, you’ll want to make sure that their style & experience matches what you’re looking for. 

Champagne Toast DJs likes to work with couples who want their DJ to stay away from being “corny” or “awkward”. While our main goal is to be friendly with everyone and be communicative throughout the entire wedding day (and beforehand), we’re not the type of DJs who will try to put on a show. We also don’t like awkward, breaks of silence in between songs or events. If you are looking for smooth transitions, a DJ who prefers to “read the room” and gauge your guests level of energy, we would love to chat!

ballroom wedding reception room with purple uplighting