Light Up Your Venue and Make It Your Own

With Our Flexible Lighting Options!


Our brides and grooms tell us the lighting made their day extra special and provided the perfect ambiance for their guests. So, Champagne Toast is proud to offer some great lighting options to  make your special day a bit more customized to you.

We offer 3 types of lighting:

  • Up-lighting

  • Monogram Signature Lighting

  • Dance Lighting

  • Up-lighting

When you add up-lighting to your venue, you’ll take an already beautiful room and truly make it ‘pop’.  The venue becomes customized to your taste and style and provides a beautiful atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.We offer a few different lighting packages to fit your needs and the actual venue where your reception will be taking place.

Dance Lighting Sets the Mood…

After almost 30 years in the Wedding DJ Industry, we can say that Dance Lighting plays a huge role in keeping your guests dancing all night long. There’s just something about those lights that takes it up a notch and provides the perfect mood for a dance fest!

Monogram Memories…

With a Monogram Light, you can display any message you’d like for your guests to see. You can put your new name together as husband and wife up in lights. You can thank your family and friends or get creative and display a message you want your guests to remember.[/box]

At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you if you want additional lighting at your wedding or not. If so, you can get one of the lighting options by itself or create your own customized lighting package.