At Champagne Toast, all of our DJ’s travel with top-of-the-line sound equipment, and we are constantly updating. We also ensure each Dj has a back-up set of equipment at all times. As the first in the area to convert to digital music, we progressively strive to remain ahead of the curve, and competition.

All of our DJ’s also carry back up computers, hard drives, and even iPod/iPads in the event of an emergency. At Champagne Toast, having a plan A & B is not enough.

We also travel with 2 DJ’s for each wedding. At Champagne Toast we realize the importance of a second set of eyes to assist with the pivotal details of your big day. For us, it’s more than just the music, it’s ensuring all formalities happen in a timely and fluent manner.

Another benefit to having 2 DJ’s is pictures. We do not want to take the place of a professional photographer what so ever. Over the last few years, with Facebook and other social media outlets being so popular, our past clients have loved the ability to see some photos from their day visible within a few days. Again, we will not interfere with the pro’s in this department. We will take some pics, and with your approval, put them on our Facebook page and Twitter feeds. Click here to see some albums.

We have also recently added lighting as part of our packages. The options we can provide include uplighting, monogram lighting, and dance lighting. Each of these options can be added to your special day singularly, or as part of a package including all. Click here to learn more about out lighting options.