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Champagne Toast has been in business for almost 30 years for a few simple reasons.

We realize, although we are part of over 500 weddings each year, this is your only one!

  • We take the time to meet with you, call, or email to ensure all of the details of your wedding day are covered. This includes music selection, from ceremony to end. We help you understand the traditional flow of a wedding, but also help you be creative where you want.
  • Ensure all names, including parents, flower girls, ring bearers, bridal party, best man, maid of honor, and any other important names or presentations are properly pronounced.
  • On the day of your wedding, we help guide you through each formality to keep the night moving for your guests, and to allow yourself and your new husband or wife enjoy it as well. Most people plan their wedding for over 12 months, and will tell you, the day felt like it lasted 20 minutes!
  • We allow you to select your music for the entire night from our music database of over 70,000+ songs. This allows you to make this special day yours. It also allows you to select a “DO NOT PLAY” list, ensuring you don’t have to listen to music you don’t want for your day. Also, Champagne Toast has been using digital music long before most other wedding entertainment companies, since 1997.
  • We also are recommended at most of Massachusetts best venues because they can feel comfortable when we are there. As we take our profession very serious, they know we will help coordinate the entire evening, making their lives easier.
  • Although most of our customers enjoy the ability to choose their won music, a lot of them rely on our ability to read the crowd of their family and friends, and choose the right music. We offer little “cheese” in ur approach, we want to make the day about you, not us!

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